Friday, March 25, 2011

Observations from 55 N. Main

Talk about a small town. Mr. Meadows, my at least 90 year old neighbor drives down the street a couple of times each week. He drives an enormous old brown Buick something. He blows the horn all the way down the street. It's one of those really loud ones that sound like it came off the Queen Mary. Anyway, one day I was outside talking to Rodney (he's our auto mechanic next door) when Mr. Meadows drove by blowing his horn. We both waved at him and I asked Rodney if he knew why Mr. Meadow always blew his horn when he went down Main St. Rodney said, "well , one day he came in for service on his car and I told him he had a really loud, obnoxious horn. So now every time he he drives by he blows his horn just to irritate me". I just love our small town. Stop by for a cup of tea when you can. Diane & Karen

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